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Increasing crop losses due to biotic and non-biotic agents has resulted in growing usage of crop protection chemicals among the BRICS nations

BRICS Crop Protection Chemicals Market

Crop losses due to pests and diseases are a major threat not only to the global food security but for the incomes of rural families. Since the beginning of agricultural practice by a human being, there was a constant struggle to keep harmful pests out of the land. With the non-biotic causes of crop losses, […]

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Growing Concerns Over Environmental and Public Health Hazards Due to Chemical Pesticides Propels the Biopesticides Market

Biopesticides Market 2022

To meet the increasing food, feed, and fodder requirements; the world have deployed intensive agriculture which uses green revolution technology, characterized by excessive use of high yielding varieties, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation water. While the gain in agricultural production has been very impressive, the input intensive agriculture has resulted in several undesirable effects on […]

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