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Several organizations are switching to digital records and implementing new technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, and 5G. Organizations aim to maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their assets throughout their lifespan. Enterprise asset management (EAM) market systems ensure that asset-intensive enterprises get a holistic view of assets across all locations, facilities, business units, or […]


The global smart waste management market is primarily driven by factors, such as growing awareness and acceptance of recycled and reprocessed products and raw materials, increasing number of smart city initiatives across the globe, and rapidly increasing urbanization along with rising industrialization. Furthermore, increasing government investment towards lowering the overall environment impact of waste from […]

Top 10 Companies in Environmental Monitoring Market

Environmental protection has been a concern for the global economies for many years. The first initiative related to the environment appeared almost 200 years back, which was focused towards rescuing endangered species. Over the period of time, other reasons, such as thinning of the ozone layer, global warming, acid rain, and water, air, and soil […]

Top 10 Companies in Parcel and Postal Automation Systems Market


The parcel and postal automation systems market is expected to reach USD 4,497.1 million in 2025 at a CAGR of 6.8%. Growth in the e-commerce industry, increasing labor costs, and rising need for automated sorting and delivery processes in the postal industry are the key factors driving the growth of the parcel and postal automation […]

Top 10 Companies in Oilfield Services Market

The oilfield services sector is considered to be an essential partner for the oil exploration and production companies. They provide oil well maintenance, completion, production, supply, and logistical support services in both onshore and offshore. In general oilfield services market contains oilfield services, companies manufacture, repair, and maintain equipment used in the extraction and transport of […]

Top 10 Companies In English Language Learning market

The growth of English Language Learning market is mainly attributed to the integration of artificial intelligence in e-learning, the rising importance of the English language for business and professional reasons, an increase in the investments for English language learning start-ups and small companies, and the minimal cost of English language learning applications. However, data security […]


The growth of the electric scooter market is mainly attributed to factors such as increasing adoption of electric motorcycles and e-bikes for short commutes, rising environmental concerns, increasing investments by ride-hailing companies in the micromobility space, and rising health awareness among millennials. However, the high cost of electric motorcycles, and e-scooters & bikes, the short […]

Top 10 Companies in Southeast Asia Galvanized Steel Market

The demand for galvanized steel in Southeast Asia is on the rise, thanks to the massive infrastructural development activities taking place in the region due to its growing economic influence and strategic geographic location which serves as a gateway for trade between the U.S. and European Union in the West and countries of Asia-Pacific region […]

Top 10 Companies in Industrial Lubricants Market

Global Industrial Lubricants Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% from 2019 to reach $29.8 billion by 2025. Moreover, in terms of volume, the overall industrial lubricants market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.3% from 2019 to reach 18,473.5 thousand tons by 2025, Says “Meticulous Research®”. Industrial lubricants are […]