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Ceramic Restorations Fuelling the Growth of Dental Materials Market

Metal ceramics and ceramic materials are used to fabricate lifelike restorations. Their translucency and toothlike color and appearance contribute to highly esthetic restorations. Ceramic is a very hard and strong material capable of sustaining biting forces but, being a brittle glasslike material, can fracture when subjected to extreme forces or sharp impact. Because of the […]

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CAD/CAM Technology Brings Major Transformation in Dentistry

Dental CAD CAM Systems & Consumables Market

Dental CAD/CAM technology is one of the innovative methods gaining popularity because of its benefits in terms of materials savings, predictability of the restorations, standardization of the fabrication, and less time required for restoration. Dental CAD/CAM technology has been increasingly incorporated into dentistry over the past 20 years. Its materials and systems have been developed […]

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