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The VNA & PACS Market is projected to reach $6.50 billion by 2031, at a CAGR of 7.2% from 2024 to 2031. Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) are medical image management solutions used in aiding diagnosis, comparing images between patients or within the same patient at different time points to assess the progression of the disease, and evaluating prognosis. These solutions are used to replace physical archiving by storing all medical image datasets digitally in an organized manner. Such solutions also allow for the integration of medical image data with patient data in other records, such as electronic health records (EHR), health information systems (HIS), and radiology information systems (RIS).

The growth of this market is driven by the increasing investments in medical imaging technologies, growing demand for imaging equipment, technological advancements in diagnostic imaging modalities, rising geriatric population leading to increasing imaging volumes, growing big data presence in healthcare, and growing healthcare IT & EHR adoption. Moreover, the integration of PACS/VNA with EMR, the penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging, the rising adoption of hybrid & cloud-based medical imaging solutions, and the rapidly growing telehealth market are expected to offer significant market growth opportunities.

Here are the top 10 companies operating in the VNA & PACS Market

Siemens Healthineers AG. (Germany)

Siemens Healthineers AG. (Germany) Founded in 1847 and headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, Siemens Healthineers is engaged in diagnostics & therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics & molecular medicine, and digital health. The company operates in three segments, namely, Imaging, Diagnostics, and Advanced Therapies. The company provides VNA & PACS products under the Imaging segment.

With its subsidiaries and a strong distribution network, the company has a presence across Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.), Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. Some of the major subsidiaries of the company include Siemens Healthcare Deutschland (Germany), Siemens Canada Limited, Siemens Healthcare S.r.l. (Italy), and Siemens Healthcare, S.R.O. (Slovakia).

GE Healthcare Inc.(U.S.)

GE Healthcare Inc.(U.S.)Founded in 2023 in Illinois, U.S., as a separate entity from General Electric Company, GE HealthCare is a diagnostics, medical technology, and digital solutions company. The company offers products, services, and complementary digital solutions for treating, diagnosing, and monitoring patients.

The company operates through four business segments: Imaging, Ultrasound, Patient Care Solutions (PCS), and Pharmaceutical Diagnostics (PDx). GE HealthCare offers VNA & PACS products under the imaging segment. The company maintains a direct presence in more than 160 countries. It operates through 43 manufacturing sites situated across 17 countries and has R&D sites in 18 countries, including the U.S., Canada, China, France, Germany, the U.K., Israel, India, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Japan, Ireland, and South Korea. Some of the major subsidiaries of the company include GE Healthcare AG (Switzerland), GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited (Australia), GE HealthCare Canada Holdings (Canada), GE Healthcare Holdings Inc.(U.S.), GE Healthcare Italia S.r.l. (Italy), and GE HealthCare Technologies Canada Company (Canada).

Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Netherlands)

Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Netherlands)Founded in 1891 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Koninklijke Philips N.V. is a health technology company. The company operates through four business segments, namely, Personal Health, Diagnosis & Treatment, Connected Care, and Other. The company provides VNA & PACS products through its Diagnosis & Treatment business areas. In August 2019, the company acquired the Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) business of Carestream Health Inc. (U.S). The HCIS business provides VNA solutions.

Philips has a direct presence in North America, Western Europe, and other geographies through three market groups: North America, Greater China, and International Markets. These groups are active in more than a hundred countries across the world. The company has real estate, R&D sites, and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K., Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Some of the major subsidiaries of the company include Philips Austria GmbH (Austria), Philips Medical Systems (Belgium), Philips Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (China), and Philips Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Germany).

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (Japan)

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (Japan)Founded in 1934 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, FUJIFILM manufactures, markets, and provides services for various spectrums of industries, such as photographic, medical imaging & informatics, pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine, and biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing. The company operates through three business segments, namely, Imaging Solutions, Healthcare & Material Solutions, and Document Solutions. The company offers PACS and VNA solutions through its Healthcare and Material Solutions segment. In 2015, the company acquired TeraMedica, Inc. (U.S.), a provider of advanced VNA technology and healthcare interoperability. Moreover, FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. provides enterprise imaging and medical informatics solutions.

The company has 279 subsidiaries globally. Some of its significant subsidiaries include FUJIFILM SonoSite Inc. (U.S.) and FUJIFILM Medical System U.S.A, Inc., FUJIFILM Europe GmbH (Germany), FUJIFILM Healthcare Corporation (Japan), and FUJIFILM Software Co., Ltd. (Japan).

Mach7 Technologies (U.S.)

Mach7 Technologies (U.S.)Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Vermont, U.S., Mach7 Technologies is a software product development company that provides enterprise imaging solutions. The company develops a secure data services platform that improves business, operational, and patient outcomes. Mach7’s interoperable foundation manages patient data and hosts an ecosystem of apps that delivers solutions, including PACS, enterprise imaging workflows, VNA, AI, clinical portals, and care coordination. The company’s enterprise imaging platforms provide a vendor-neutral foundation for archiving, communication, and consolidation of unstructured data.

The company’s R&D center is located in Vermont, U.S., while in the Asia-Pacific region, its offices are present in Singapore and Malaysia. Some of its subsidiaries include Mach7 Technologies International Pty Ltd (Australia), Mach7 Technologies Inc. (U.S.), Mach7 Technologies UK Ltd., and Mach7 Technologies Pvt Ltd. (India).

Meticulous Research in its latest publication on VNA & PACS Market has predicted the growth of 7.2% during the forecast year 2024-2031.

Agfa-Gevaert NV (Belgium)

Agfa-Gevaert NV (Belgium)Founded in 1867 and headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium, Agfa-Gevaert is engaged in developing and distributing an extensive range of analog and digital imaging systems and IT solutions in the printing & healthcare sectors and other specific industrial applications. The company operates through four segments, namely, Offset Solutions, Radiology Solutions, Digital Print & Chemicals, and HealthCare IT. The HealthCare IT segment offers enterprise imaging solutions and integrated care & hospital IT products. Its enterprise imaging solutions include VNA & PACS products.

The company has a global presence in more than 40 countries through manufacturing sites and research centers in China, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Belgium, while its R&D sites are present in China, Germany, Brazil, Israel, Austria, France, Canada, and Belgium. Some of its major subsidiaries include Agfa Healthcare Corporation (Belgium), Agfa HealthCare GmbH (Belgium), Agfa Healthcare Germany GmbH (Germany), and Agfa HealthCare France SA (France).

Sectra AB (Sweden)

Sectra AB (Sweden)Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, Sectra AB provides IT systems for managing medical images and patient information. The company operates through three business segments, namely, Imaging IT Solutions, Business Innovations, and Secure Communications. The Imaging IT Solutions segment offers PACS/RIS and VNA and visualizes standardized care pathways.

The company has direct sales in 19 countries and an indirect presence through partnerships. As of April 2022, the company had a headcount of 982 employees globally, with 730 employees in the Imaging IT solutions business segment. Some of its significant subsidiaries include Sectra Medical Systems AB (Sweden), Sectra Medical Systems S.L. (Spain), and Sectra Wireless Technologies (Sweden).

Merative L.P. (U.S.)

Merative L.P. (U.S.)Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Michigan, U.S., Merative (formerly IBM Watson Health) deals with data and technology, including healthcare analytics, clinical decision support, clinical development, social program management, real-world evidence, and enterprise imaging. These solutions are provided to the life sciences industry, employers, healthcare providers, and government bodies. In January 2022, the IBM Watson Health business was acquired by Francisco Partners (U.S.), an investment firm. Under the ownership of Francisco Partners, the new standalone company Merative was established.

The company offers solutions in clinical decision support, clinical development, enterprise imaging, healthcare analytics, health and human services, and real-world evidence areas. In the VNA & PACS market, the company offers Merge PACS, Merge OrthoPACS, Merge VNA, and Merge Cardio. The company has a worldwide presence.


ASPYRA, LLC (U.S.)Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Florida, U.S., ASPYRA, LLC provides healthcare products and services for the laboratory and imaging markets. Laboratory solutions are provided for clinics, hospitals, reference laboratories, and specialty laboratories of all types.

The imaging solutions are provided for hospitals, imaging departments and centers, multispecialty clinics, and orthopedic environments. The company offers MedVIEW PACS, MedVIEW PACS, and MedVIEW PACS in the VNA & PACS market.

Novarad Corporation (U.S.)

Novarad Corporation (U.S.)Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Utah, U.S., Novarad provides healthcare IT and imaging solutions. The company offers PACS, radiology information, cardiology, and digital radiography solutions. These solutions are offered to healthcare facilities, including hospitals & clinics, imaging centers, and reading groups. The company offers both enterprise and departmental PACS.

The company has a strong geographic presence across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East, with over 1,000 installations. It has offices in Utah (U.S.), London (U.K.), Guatemala City (Guatemala), and Makati City (Philippines).

Some of the other companies operating the VNA & PACS market are SoftTeam Solutions Pvt Ltd. (India), Carestream Health, Inc. (U.S.), Bridgehead Software, Ltd. (U.K.), INFINITT Healthcare Co., Ltd. (South Korea), and Hyland Software, Inc. (U.S.).

Authoritative Research on the VNA & PACS Market – Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast (2024-2031)

Need more information? Meticulous Research®’s new report covers each of these companies in much more detail, providing analysis on the following:

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The Comprehensive report provides global market size estimates, market share analysis, revenue numbers, and coverage of key issues and trends.

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