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Top 10 Companies in Multimodal Imaging Market

The global multimodal imaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2018 to reach $1.6 billion by 2024. The multimodal imaging systems play an important role in addressing the issues for the treatment of chronically ill and aged population. The multimodal imaging is used in early detection of disease in areas […]

Top 10 Companies in Hospital Beds Market

Hospital beds are specially designed for patients to provide them with extra comfort, relief, and convenience during the time of hospitalization. Increasing prevalence of diseases, frequent outbreaks of pandemic such as corona, Ebola, and growing investments on healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics are the major factors driving demand for hospital beds ultimately leading […]

Top 10 Companies in Medical Cooling Systems Market

Maintaining optimal temperature is one of the prime requirements for effective working of MRI, CT, and PET. When these types of equipment are in operation, they generate a lot of heat which needs to be removed immediately without shutting down the equipment. Medical cooling systems or chillers play an important role in maintaining the equipment […]

Top 10 Trocars Companies | Trocars Market

A Trocar is a medical instrument consisting of three parts namely cannula, obturator, and a seal. This device is designed to puncture the abdominal or thoracic wall of the body to offer access to the organs situated in the abdominal or thoracic cavity respectively during the diagnostic, therapeutic, and/or surgical intervention. The key functions of […]

Top 10 Companies in European Hospital Beds Market

The growth of European Hospital Beds market is driven by the increasing elderly population coupled with growing prevalence of chronic diseases and launch of technologically advanced beds. Growing preference for minimally invasive surgeries and declining number of hospital and hospital beds in some of the European countries-hinders the growth of this market. On the other […]

Top 5 Healthcare IoT Device Manufacturers

In the healthcare industry, IoT technology bridges the gap between digital and physical data sources of data, by monitoring patient behavior in real time. Technologies focused around IoT infrastructure are focused towards improving the nature of telehealth services to improve accessibility of healthcare services, reducing the operation burden on healthcare facilities, and at the same […]

Top 10 Companies in Interventional Oncology Market

Interventional oncology is an emerging and rapidly growing offshoot of interventional radiology, which emphasizes on the use of minimally-invasive procedures for the diagnosis, treatment, and palliative care for cancer patients. It uses image-guided technologies such as CT, fluoroscopy or ultrasound to target tumor lesions by making small puncture in the skin. Interventional oncology is generally […]