Top 10 Companies In Food Enzymes Market

Enzymes are biological molecules usually made up of proteins that accelerate the rate of any metabolic & chemical reactions. During their course of actions, enzymes tend to convert complex molecules in to smaller ones; this attribute makes enzymes an integral part of food processing industry across the globe. Enzymes provide a potent, diverse set of specialized tools for food and beverage formulators. For processed food products, they can function uniquely to control process time, enhance flavor, improve texture, extend shelf life, and decrease the use of chemical food additives. These functions of enzymes made the enzyme market to escalate across the globe.

The Asia- Pacific food enzymes marketis developing and expanding at a rapid pace, which is mainly attributed to the global shift of manufacturing from North America & Europe to Asia-Pacific region and related rise in the demand for food enzymes from the food manufacturers.

Here are the top 10 companies in Food Enzymes –

AB Enzymes GmbH

Founded in 1907 and headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany; AB Enzymes GmbH is involved in the developing and distributing enzymes for industrial applications, such as baking, animal feed, technical, and food. The company operates through five business segments, namely Grocery, Sugar, Agriculture, Ingredients, and Retail. The company`s food and beverage segment offer food enzymes for application in baking, flour milling, grain and oil seed processing, juice and wine, brewing, and distillery. In addition, the company also offers enzymes for the use in textile and pulp and paper industry. AB Enzymes GmbH operates as a subsidiary of ABF Ingredients, Ltd.

With the manufacturing facility in Finland and offices in the U.S., Singapore, China, and Brazil, the company has its geographic presence across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

A report into the projected growth of the current Food Enzymes Market by Meticulous Research® has produced some incredible forecasts for the industry. By 2024, it’s expected to have grown at a CAGR of 7.5%, reaching over $ 3100 million.

Novozymes A/S

Founded in 1925 and headquartered at Bagsværd, Denmark; Novozymes A/S is engaged in producing and selling enzymes and microorganism for industrial applications. The company operates through five business segments, namely Household Care, Technical, Agriculture, Bioenergy, and Food and Beverages. The company offers enzyme for baking, brewing, dairy products, and production of low-allergenic partially hydrolyzed infant formula. The company also provides solution for waste water, textiles, forest products, leather, and pharmaceutical industries.

With the research and production facilities in the U.S., China, Denmark, and Brazil, the company sells its products in more than 130 countries. The subsidiaries of the company include Novozymes US, Novozymes North America, Novozymes Biotech, Inc. and Novozymes Biologicals, Inc.

Koninklijke DSM

dsmFounded in 1902 and headquartered at Heerlen, The Netherlands; Koninklijke DSM is engaged in sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing of nutritional products and functional materials. The company operates through four business segments, namely Nutrition, Materials, Innovation Center, and Corporate Activities. These businesses serve the global industries for animal feed, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, infant nutrition, dietary supplements, personal care, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical & electronics, life protection, alternative energy, and bio-based materials. The Company offers nutritional premixes sourced from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals for food, beverages, and dietary supplement industries. The nutritional segment offers food enzymes for baking, beverage, dairy, and savory industries.

With 13 manufacturing facilities, five innovation centers, and over 40 sales offices, the Company has its geographic presence in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East & Africa.

Dupont Industrial Bioscience

Founded in 1802 and headquartered at Delaware, U.S.; Dupont Industrial Bioscience is engaged in producing and developing enzymes. The company operates in animal nutrition, clean technologies, microbial control, bioenergy, food and beverage, personal care, biomaterials, fabric and home care and textile processing sectors. The company‟s food and beverage segment offers food enzymes for application in bakery, brewing, dairy, meat and culinary processing, and fish processing. Moreover, the company‟s animal nutrition segment serves innovative enzyme, natural betaine, and probiotic feed technologies to solve livestock and aquaculture challenges. Dupont Industrial Bioscience operates as a subsidiary of DowDuPont Inc.

The company has its geographic presence across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and other countries.

Biocatalysts Limited

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Cardiff, the U.K.; Biocatalysts Limited is involved in developing and manufacturing specialty enzymes. The company offers enzymes for a variety of industries, such as food, flavor and fragrance, life science, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals. In food and beverage industry, food enzymes are further used in processing of egg, dairy, protein, cereal, and fruit and vegetable processing. Biocatalysts Limited operates as a subsidiary of B.R.A.I.N. Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG.

The company has its geographic presence across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other countries.

Kerry Group

Kerry GroupFounded in 1972 and headquartered at Tralee, Ireland; Kerry Group is engaged in innovating, developing, and marketing of taste & nutrition technologies & systems, functional ingredients, and actives for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The company operates through two business segments, namely Taste and Nutrition and Consumer Foods. The company‟s taste and nutrition segment offer food enzymes mainly for bakery, alcoholic beverages, human nutrition, dairy, confectionery, and meat processing industries.

With 130 manufacturing locations in 28 countries, the company has its geographic presence across America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Asia-Pacific.

Amano Enzyme Inc.

Founded in 1899 and headquartered in Nagoya, Japan; Amano Enzyme Inc. is involved in manufacturing and selling enzymes to the food, dietary supplements, biomedical, agricultural, cosmetic, and pharmaceuticals industries. The company offers food enzymes mainly for syrup, starch processing, bakery products, brewing alcohol products, dairy products, yeast extraction, sugar refining, and juices.

With the production facilities in the U.S., U.K., China, Mexico, and Japan, the company has its geographic presence across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Chr. Hansen Holding A/S

Founded in 1874 and headquartered at Hoersholm, Denmark; Chr. Hansen Holding A/S involved in developing natural ingredients solution for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries. The company operates through five business segments, namely Food Cultures and Enzymes, Natural Colors, Plant Health, Animal Health, Probiotic Supplement, and Infant Formula. The company offers food enzymes primarily for making fresh dairy products, fermented beverages, meat and fish products, confectionery, and bio protective solutions.

The company has its geographic presence in Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

Aum Enzymes

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Gujrat, India; Aum Enzymes involved in developing, producing, and marketing microbiological products. The company offers enzymes mainly for textile, animal feed, leather, baking, detergent, alcohol, starch processing, and brewing industries. The company also offers enzymes for protein modification, effluent treatment, and educational institute.

The company has its geographic presence in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific.

Advance Enzyme Technologies Ltd.

Founded in 1958 and headquartered at Thane, India; Advance Enzyme Technologies Ltd. is engaged in developing and distributing enzymes and probiotics for industrial applications. The company operates through three business segments, namely Human Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, and Bio Processing. The company‟s human nutrition sector offers enzymes for food industry which includes baking, fruit and vegetable processing, brewing, malting, grain processing, protein modification, dairy processing, specialty applications, and oils and fats processing.

With a manufacturing facility in India, the U.S., and Europe, the company has its geographic presence across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Popular mentions: Enzyme Development Corporation, Enmex S.A. de C.V., Jiangsu Boli Bioproducts Co., Ltd., and Leveking.

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