The global food premix market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% from 2018 to 2023 to reach USD 1,906.5 million by 2023. 

Nutritional food premix is a customized blend where each nutrient component is prescaled and precision blended into premix, which is used in food & beverages, healthcare, and personal care applications for enrichment or fortification purposes with an objective of enhancing the nutritional value of the products. The factors such as inadequate eating habits, high caloric intake, and metabolic defects lead to micronutrient deficiencies, affecting more than two billion people worldwide and bolstering the addition of food premixes to processed foods.

Here are the top 10 companies operating in Food Premix Market

DSM (Dutch State Mines)

Founded in 1902 and headquartered at Heerlen, the Netherlands; DSM (Dutch State Mines) is a global science-based company engaged in sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing of nutritional products and functional materials. The Company operates through four business segments, namely Nutrition, Materials, Innovation Center, and Corporate Activities. These businesses serve the global industries for animal feed, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, infant nutrition, dietary supplements, personal care, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical & electronics, life protection, alternative energy, and bio-based materials. The Company offers food premixesdeveloped from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals for food, beverages, and dietary supplements.

With 13 manufacturing facilities, five innovation centres, and over 40 sales offices, the Company has its geographic presence in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East & Africa.

Glanbia plc

Headquartered at Kilkenny, Ireland; Glanbia plc was formed in 1997 out of the merger of Avonmore Foods plc & Waterford Foods plc. The Company is involved in research & development, innovation, manufacturing, and marketing of nutritional solutions. The Company operates through three business segments, namely Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Glanbia Nutritionals, and Dairy Ireland.

The Company offers food premixesto food & beverages, supplements & human health, pharmaceutical, and personal care sectors. With the major production facilities in Ireland, the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and China; the Company serves customers in more than 130 countries.


BASF SE, originally BadischeAnilin-und Soda-Fabrik founded in year 1865 and headquartered at Ludwigshafen, Germany. BASF SE is involved in research & development, manufacturing, and marketing various products for agriculture, automotive & transportation, chemicals, construction, energy & resources, paint & coatings, and pharmaceutical industries. The Company operates through five business segments, namely Functional Materials & Solutions, Performance Products, Chemicals, Agricultural Solutions, and Oil & Gas.

The Company offers food premixes for human nutrition markets including food, beverages, and dietary supplements. With 13 divisions and 86 strategic business units,the Company has geographical presence in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa.

Corbion N.V.

Founded in 1919 and headquartered at Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Corbion N.V. engaged in research & development, operations, marketing, and business support functions. The Company operates through two business lines, namely Bio-based Ingredients and Bio-based Innovations. Bio based ingredients further focuses on core businesses such as ingredients for food and biochemicals.

The Company offers food premixes for beverages, confectionary, bakery, dairy, and savory snacks. With the 6 innovation centers, 10 production locations, and 16 sales offices, the Company serves customers across the globe.

Watson Foods Co. Inc.

Founded in 1939 and headquartered at West Haven, the U.S.; Watson is involved in developing, producing, and supplying quality products and ingredient systems for the food and supplement industries. The Company offers custom nutrient premixes, fibers, stabilizers, viscosifiers, micro encapsulations, trituration, granulations, and bakery ingredients such as bases/mixes, clean label ingredients, crumb softeners, dough conditioners & improvers, gluten-free mixes, icing stabilizers and so on.

The Company offers food premixes which are specifically customized by combining micro and macro-nutrients. With several manufacturing facilities in the U.S., the Company sells its products across the globe.

A report into the projected growth of the current Food Premix Market by Meticulous Research® has produced some incredible forecasts for the industry. By 2023, it’s expected to have grown at a CAGR of 6.5%, reaching over USD 1,906.5 million.


Founded in 2006 and headquartered at Ahrensburg, Germany; SternVitamin is engaged in developing and manufacturing micronutrient premixes, functional ingredients, and plant extracts for foods, beverages, and food supplements. The Company provides vitamin premixes and mineral premixes specifically in response to customers‘ requirements.

With manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, and Turkey, the Company has its presence across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Vitablend Netherland B.V.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered at Wolvega, the Netherlands; Vitablend Netherland B.V. is a part of Barentz Group since 2008. The Company is involved in developing and manufacturingcustom made fortification and protection solutions to the food industry, infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, sport drinks, and nutritional drinks. The Company provides food premixes for fortification ofproducts which includes vitamins, minerals, nucleotides, amino-acids, and other functional ingredients.The Company offers dairy, infant formulae, clinical nutrition, nutritional drinks, and sport nutrition premixes in powder and liquid forms primarily for bone health, beauty, resistance, energy, immunity, and digestion functionalities.

With the manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands,France, the U.K., Germany, and Singapore and sales offices in Europe and Asia, the Company serves the global market.

Hellay Australia Pty. Ltd.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered at Melbourne, Australia; Hellay Australia Pty. Ltd is involved in developing, manufacturing, and distributing functional ingredients and specialty premixes for human as well as animal nutrition.

The Company provides food premixesfor food and beverage, infant foods, pharmaceutical, personal care, and health supplements. The Company has its customer base throughout Australia.

Farbest-Tallman Foods Corporation

Founded in 1955 and headquartered at New Jersey, U.S.; Farbest brands is involved in manufacturing and delivering food and nutrition ingredients. The Company‘s product portfolio includes dairy proteins, plant proteins, gum acacia, natural colors, organic ingredients, sweeteners, and vitamins & carotenoids.

The Company providesspecialty formulated vitamin and micronutrient premixes & blendsfor food, beverage, and dietary supplement. The Company sells its products throughout the North America.

Jubilant Life Sciences

Founded in 1978 and headquartered at Noida, India; Jubilant Life Sciences is involved in manufacturing and supplying APIs, solid dosage formulations, radiopharmaceuticals, allergy therapy products, advance intermediates, fine ingredients, crop science ingredients, life science chemicals, and nutritional Products. The Company operates through three business segments, namely Pharmaceuticals, Life Science Ingredients, and Drug Discovery Solutions. The life science ingredients segment provides food premixes for human nutrition.

With the several manufacturing facilities in India, China, and the U.S. and sales offices in Belgium, China, and the U.S.,the Company has its global presence in more than 100 countries across the North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia- Pacific.

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