Chlorella is a single-celled freshwater alga native to Taiwan and Japan. It is naturally rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Its reported benefits include boosting antibody count, promoting weight loss, and fighting cancer & other diseases. The growing inclination toward protein-rich diet, increasing health & wellness trend, launch of chlorella-based F&B products, growing nutraceutical industry, and growing vegetarianism worldwide are some of the major factors driving the growth of the chlorella market. Moreover, the emergence of chlorella extract is expected to provide significant growth opportunities for players operating in this market. However, factors such as the risk of contamination, high production cost, and complex production process of algae products are expected to hinder the growth of the global chlorella market.

The global chlorella market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2020 to 2027 to reach USD 195.3 million by 2027.

Some of the key players operating in the chlorella market are as follows:

Gong Bih Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Douliu City, Taiwan, Gong Bih Enterprise is engaged in the production and supply of chlorella for natural food pigment, dietary supplement, functional food, and skincare cosmetics. The company offers its products in tablet, powder, and granule form. Gong Bih chlorella is cultivated in the open ponds under a selective environment. Gong Bih chlorella’s color is dark green, containing more than 2.5% chlorophyll, and does not have brown color from the degradation of chlorophyll. The smell of Gong Bih Chlorella is as fragrant as that of Japanese green tea.

Chlorella Source: Chlorella Pyrenoidosa or Sorokiniana

Production Capacity: 600 tons per year

The company has its presence across Asia-Pacific.

Sun Chlorella Corporation (Japan)

Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Sun Chlorella is engaged in manufacturing and sales of health foods and chlorella for health management & nutritional support. The company offers its products in the form of tablets, liquids, powders, and creams manufactured from natural materials, such as chlorella, eleuthero, Agaricus, astaxanthin, and anserine. The company manufactures nutritionally superior species of chlorella pyrenoidosa that is pulverized by DYNO-Mill technology.

Chlorella Source: Chlorella Pyrenoidosa or Sorokiniana

Production Capacity: N/A

The company has offices in the U.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Virgin Island, Brazil, China, the U.K., and Ireland and distributors across Asia-Oceania: Desaron Pty. Ltd., TISCO (HK) LIMITED, PT Citra Nusa Insan Cemerlang (CNI), TJC (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Healthy Selections, Inc., TISCO Pte. Ltd., Win Win (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Natural Balance, PTY LTD; Europe: Apricus LTD, Naturlægeklinikken, Salud Chlorella España, S.L., MÓLECULE, Pro Health b.v./Ogystal, Vitalkost AS, Natiris-Centro Dietético, S.A., RENDER COM S.R.L., LLC VINOKOMA, Salud Chlorella España, S.L.; Central America: Health Food Specialists Limited; and Middle East: Best Nutraceutical Trading. With this, the company has its presence across Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company (Taiwan)

Founded in 1964 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan Chlorella Manufacturing Company (TCMC) is the oldest and largest chlorella producer specialized in growing chlorella for the production and distribution of chlorella-based products, such as chlorella tablets, chlorella extract, chlorella powder, and other related products. The company is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, HACCP, SNQ, HALAL, KOSHER, and USDA. The company also has a health food permit in Taiwan.

Chlorella Source: Chlorella Pyrenoidosa or Sorokiniana

Production Capacity: Over 400 tons per year

TCMC operates in more than 35 countries around the world and has major regional markets: Europe (the U.K., Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.), North America (the U.S. and Canada), Latin America (Brazil), Africa and the Middle East (Benin Republic, South Africa, Iran, Turkey, and Israel), and Asia-Pacific (Japan [main market], Korea, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, and Australia).

Far East Microalgae Industries, Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Far East Microalgae is engaged in developing and commercializing high-value products derived from microalgae and cultivating chlorella at a remote Southern Taiwan location where the source of mountain spring water is pure, clean, and uncontaminated. The company products include nutritional microalgae (Chlorella, Spirulina, and red algae) powder and extracts used as ingredients in health food formula. Additional applications of the company’s platform technology include cosmetics products, micro-encapsulated aquaculture feed, and special fluorescent diagnostics in the medical field. The company also has Organic Microalgae Certification from the Chinese Organic Agribusiness Association (COAA-Taiwan). Further, the company has a total area of 140,000 square meters, including 100,000 tons of microalgae production ponds and manufacturing facilities.

Chlorella Source: Chlorella Vulgaris and Chlorella Pyrenoidosa or Sorokiniana

Production Capacity: 1000 tons per year

With the export of products to the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, and other Southern Asian markets, the company has its geographical presence across Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe.

A report into the projected growth of the current Chlorella Market by Meticulous Research® has produced some incredible forecasts for the industry. By 2027, it’s expected to have grown at a CAGR of 5.9%, reaching over $195.3 billion.

Yaeyama Shokusan Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Founded in 1975 and headquartered in Okinawa, Japan, Yaeyama is engaged in chlorella production as a new food resource. The company provides chlorella seed strain, seeding cultivation, outdoor cultivation, harvest, drying, and quality inspection services. The company cultivated chlorella in 30m diameter outdoor pools with a total cultivation area of 27,000 m3 and a site area of 99,000 m2. Also, the company processes its chlorella using advanced breaking cell wall technology. The company is also certified by the Japan Quality Assurance Organisation (JQA), which has issued the factory certificate of compliance ISO9001-HACCP No. JQA-HA0047 and ISO9001 Management Certificate.

Chlorella Source: N/A

Production Capacity: 35 tons per month

The company’s chlorella powder and tablets are exported to western countries, such as the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Australia, and Asian countries, such as China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Fuqing King Dnarmsa Spirulina (China)

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Fuquing City, China, Fuqing King Dnarmsa Spirulina is engaged in breeding, production, selling, and scientific research of microalgae. The company offers microalgae, such as spirulina, chlorella, and Dunaliella salina. The company owns seven cultivation farms, one alga research institute, and one algae product deep processing workshop. With its algae farms in the Hainan province and ISO9001:2015, HACCP, BRC, Kosher, Halal, NOP, and EU organic certificates, the company produces 1,600 tons of spirulina and 30 tons of phycocyanin per year.

Chlorella Source: Chlorella Vulgaris

Production Capacity: 400 tons per year

With the export of products to Europe, the U.S., Australia, Southeast Asia, and other countries, the company has its geographical presence across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. The company has approximately 101-200 employees (Source: KOL, Desk Research, and Meticulous Research Analysis).

Vedan (Taiwan)

Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Taichung City, Taiwan, Vedan has been dedicated to research and development in fermentation technology. The company operates through four business segments, namely, Health Food & Nutritional Supplements, Materials, Consumer Product, and International Trade. The company’s Health Food & Nutritional Supplements business focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing its micro-algae products, nutritional supplements, and health food products. With its fermentation core technology, Vedan developed functional raw materials, such as chlorella, chlorella extract, nattokinase, γ-polyglutamic acid, and DHA algae. The company is also certified by HALAL, Kosher, and ISO9001.

Chlorella Source: N/A

Production Capacity: N/A

With its affiliated companies, such as Vedan International Shanghai, Xiamen Vedan Foods Co., Ltd., Vedan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Cyun-Yue Enterprise Co., Ltd., Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corp., Ltd., Champion Marketing Co, Ltd., and Dalian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., the company exports its products to more than 30 countries.

E.I.D. – Parry (India) Limited (India)

Founded in 1788 and headquartered in Chennai, India, E.I.D.  produces sugar, nutraceuticals, and biopesticides. The company provides organic spirulina, chlorella, and microalgal products in the nutraceuticals space. The company has a total area of 130 acres with a pristine groundwater supply to cultivate spirulina and chlorella. In 2015, Parry Nutraceuticals initiated Microalgae research and development by producing Organic Chlorella.

Organic chlorella is cultivated and processed at its Onnaiyur facility and has international quality certifications. It is offered in bulk powder and tablet forms. The highly specialized manufacturing plants of the nutraceuticals business for microalgal products production are located at Oonaiyur and Saveripuram in Tamil Nadu.

Chlorella Source: N/A

Production Capacity: N/A

With all its subsidiaries, the company has its presence across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Far East. As of March 2020, the company had a headcount of 2,251 employees.

Tianjin Norland Biotech Co., Ltd. (China)

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Tianjin, China, Tianjin Norland is a manufacturer of algae products in China. The company has six standard algae farms and processing plants in Erdos Lake of North China with 700,000 m2 farm, more than 1000 greenhouse to cultivate spirulina, chlorella, and Haematococcus Pluvialis. The company is also involved in manufacturing microalgae products and the supply of organic green food for the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical industry, and animal nutrition industries. Tianjin also supplies other organic green food ingredients, such as wheatgrass powder/barley grass powder. The company offers chlorella for applications such as health food, beverages, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics. Tianjin is also certified by ISO22000, HACCP, QS, Kosher, Halal, BRC, EU organic, and USDA-NOP organic.

Chlorella Source: Chlorella Vulgaris

Production Capacity: Produce microalgae products over 1,100 tons a year.

The company has a geographic presence in China. The company has ~101-200 employees.

Dongtai City Spirulina Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. (China)

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Dongtai City, China, Dongtai City Spirulina is engaged in the manufacturing, selling, and R&D of nutritional health food-oriented in spirulina and chlorella. The company has a 600,000 sq. m—production area. The company has obtained BV Certificate, KOSHER Certificate, Idanca Halal Product Certificate, NOP Certificate, U.S. FDA Certificate, ISO9001 Food Management System Certificate, and ISO22000 Quality Safety System Certificate.

Chlorella Source: Chlorella Pyrenoidosa or Sorokiniana

Production Capacity: N/A

The company serves customers in more than 30 countries, including the U.S., Japan, the U.K., Germany, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The company has ~101-500 employees.

Popular Mentions: Duplaco BV (Netherlands), Allmicroalgae – Natural Products S.A. (Portugal), Phycom (Netherlands), AlgoSource (France), Qingdao ZolanBio Co., Ltd. (China), and Roquette Klötze GmbH & Co. KG (Germany).

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