The global point of care (POC) molecular diagnostics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.2% from 2019 to 2027 to reach at $2.39 billion by 2027

POC molecular diagnostics include portable devices and assays & kits used to detect and diagnose diseases in human samples, such as throat swab, blood, serum, and stool. Molecular diagnostics is shifting from centralized laboratories to decentralized point-of-care molecular testing. Due to its simplicity, convenience, rapid turnaround time, and the potential to improve patient outcomes, POCT is rapidly gaining traction. Owing to these advantages, it can be applied for the diagnosis in low-resource or remote areas.

Here are the top 10 companies operating in Point of Care Molecular Diagnostics Market

Alere Inc.

Formed in 2001 and headquartered in Chicago, U.S., Alere is engaged in the manufacturing of rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, cardiometabolic diseases, and toxicology. In October 2017, Alere was acquired by Abbott Laboratories. Abbott operates through four business segments, namely, Established Pharmaceutical Products, Diagnostic Products, Nutritional Products, and Cardiovascular & Neuromodulation Products.

The Diagnostic Products segment is further categorized into Core Laboratory, Rapid Diagnostics, Point of Care, and Molecular. Alere, a part of the Rapid Diagnostics segment, operates in the POC molecular diagnostics market. The company offers POC molecular diagnostic products under the Alere q, m-PIMA, and ID NOW brands.

Alere has manufacturing facilities in California and Maine in the U.S; Ottawa, Canada; Hangzhou and Shanghai, China; Jena, Germany; Matsudo, Japan; Oslo, Norway; Scotland, U.K.; Seoul, South Korea; and Haryana, India.

Quidel Corporation

Quidel offers rapid diagnostic testing solutions. The company operates through four business segments, namely, Cardiac Immunoassays, Rapid Immunoassays, Molecular Diagnostic Solutions, and Specialized Diagnostic Solutions. The company’s major end users include clinical laboratories, physician offices, hospitals, leading universities, pharmacies, wellness screening centers, reference laboratories, and retail clinics. Quidel provides POC molecular diagnostic products under its Molecular Diagnostic Solutions segment. The company offers these products through its AmpliVue, Solana, and Lyra brands.

The company has three primary manufacturing sites. Two are in San Diego, California, and one at Athens, Ohio. Quidel distributes its products through a network of distributors or direct sales.

F-Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

F Hoffmann-La Roche is engaged in developing medicines for improving the standard of healthcare. The company operates through two divisions, namely, Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. The Diagnostic business division manufactures equipment and reagents for research and medical diagnostic applications. This business division consists of the following four business areas, namely, Diabetes Care, Molecular Diagnostics, Professional Diagnostics, and Tissue Diagnostics. The company provides POC molecular diagnostic products under its Molecular Diagnostics segment.

Danaher Corporation

Danaher designs, manufactures, and markets professional, medical, industrial, and commercial products & services. The company operates through three business segments, namely, Life Sciences, Diagnostics, and Environmental and Applied Solutions. The company provides POC molecular diagnostic products under its Clinical Lab Diagnostics subsegment (a part of the Diagnostics segment). The company operates in the market through its subsidiary—Cepheid (U.S.). Cepheid offers biomedical testing instruments, systems, and related consumables that are used to evaluate and analyze samples made up of body fluids, cells, and other substances in hospitals, physician offices, veterinary laboratories, reference laboratories, and pharmaceutical clinical trial laboratories.

The company has a total of 212 administrative, sales, R&D, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. Ninety-three of these facilities are located in the U.S. in over 20 states and 119 are located outside the U.S. in over 30 other countries. The company has 80 facilities for diagnostic products.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (U.S.)Thermo Fisher Scientific provides analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, lab services, and diagnostics instruments through five brands, namely, Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Fisher Scientific, and Unity Lab Services. The company operates through four business segments, namely, Laboratory Products & Services, Life Sciences Solutions, Analytical Instruments, and Specialty Diagnostics. The company offers POC molecular diagnostic products through its Clinical Next-generation Sequencing business, a part of the Life Sciences Solutions segment under the Applied Biosystems brand.

The company’s Life Sciences Solutions segment has a direct presence through its operational offices, engineering sites, laboratories, and production sites present in California, New York, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania within the U.S. and Lithuania, the U.K., and New Zealand outside the U.S.

A report into the projected growth of the current Point of Care Molecular Diagnostics Market by Meticulous Research® has produced some incredible forecasts for the industry. By 2027, it’s expected to have grown at a CAGR of 13.2%, reaching over $2.39 billion.

bioMérieux SA

bioMérieux is engaged in designing & developing products in the field of diagnostics, immunotherapy, food safety, and nutrition to fight against infectious diseases and cancers. The company distributes its products through five key application divisions, namely, Microbiology, Immunoassays, Molecular Biology, Industrial Applications, and Others. The company offers POC molecular diagnostic products through its Molecular Biology division.

The company has a direct presence through its production and R&D sites in the U.S., Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany, India, Belgium, and China and its subsidiaries in Kenya, the U.S, Norway, Serbia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Argentina, Vietnam, Thailand, India, China, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Japan, the U.K., Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, and South Africa.

Meridian Bioscience, Inc.

meridianbioscienceMeridian Bioscience manufactures, markets, and distributes diagnostic test kits, purified reagents, and related products. The company also distributes bulk antigens, antibodies, PCR/qPCR reagents, nucleotides, and bioresearch reagents used by IVD manufacturers and researchers in immunological and molecular tests for human, animal, plant, and environmental applications.

Meridian operates through two business segments, namely, Diagnostics and Life Sciences. The company provides POC molecular diagnostic products through the Diagnostics segment. The company distributes these products to academic and research institutes. In June 2019, the company acquired GenePOC Inc. (Canada) to strengthen its molecular diagnostic assays and instruments portfolio. This acquisition helped the company to sell its molecular assay products through the Revogene brand. Apart from this brand, the company offers POC molecular diagnostic products through the Alethia brand.

The company’s infectious disease manufacturing and R&D sites are located in Ohio, U.S. Blood-chemistry manufacturing and R&D operations are located in Massachusetts, U.S., and PCR-based molecular manufacturing and R&D operations are located in Quebec City, Canada. The company has its diagnostic products centers across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Mesa Biotech Inc.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in California, U.S., Mesa Biotech is engaged in manufacturing and developing next-generation molecular diagnostic tests. The company provides rapid molecular tests at point-of-care using the OSCAR technology. Mesa Biotech offers these products through the Accula brand. The company provides these products for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Moreover, Mesa Biotech is in the process of developing more tests, namely, Accula Strep A, Accula CT/NG/TV, and Accula HSV1+2/VZV.

Mesa Biotech distributes its products through Sekisui Diagnostics under the Silaris brand in the U.S. Moreover, in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, the company offers its products through XboXLab AB, LABLAB ApS, and Montebello Diagnostics AS, respectively.

GeneSTAT Molecular Diagnostics, LLC

GeneSTAT Molecular Diagnostics, LLC is engaged in manufacturing and developing molecular diagnostic instruments/platforms and tests with focus in the area of infectious diseases. The company’s primary focus is on providing molecular platforms to under-served community hospitals and clinics. In December 2013, GeneSTAT (earlier DxNA, LLC.) acquired PathoGene, LLC (U.S.), a clinical molecular diagnostic test development company, for developing tests that can be used on the GeneSTAT instrument of GeneSTAT Molecular Diagnostics.

Biocartis Group NV

Biocartis develops oncology molecular diagnostic solutions for the healthcare industry. The company operates through a single business segment, namely, Idylla. This segment is related to the company’s molecular diagnostics (MDx) Idylla platform, an automated real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) based system that offers molecular information in any setting.

The Idylla platform comprises three components, namely, the instrument, the console, and the cartridge. The manufacturing of the instrument and the console has been outsourced to a contract manufacturing partner (CMO), whereas the manufacturing of the cartridge is carried in-house at Biocartis’ facilities in Mechelen (Belgium). Moreover, to meet the growing demand, Biocartis has constructed a more automated and higher volume production line for Idylla cartridges in its Mechelen facilities. With its subsidiaries, the company is active across 70 countries with R&D centers in the U.S. and Belgium.

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