Corn- The Most Valuable Raw Material For Modified Starch Production

Corn is the leading source of starch extraction. The corn plant has a large capacity for efficiently converting large amounts of radiant energy from the sun into stable chemical energy. This energy is stored as cellulose, oil, and starch in the corn plant and in the corn kernel. The corn plant is also one of nature’s greatest multipliers. Approximately, four months after planting, a single kernel of corn weighing about one-hundredth of an ounce yields around 800 kernels, weighing eight ounces. In comparison to this 800-fold seed multiplication in corn, wheat produces around 50-fold yield per seed planted. In addition, around 70 -75% starch is present in the corn.

The corn production has been significantly increased in the world in recent years. As per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2016-17, the total production of maize was 40,861 million bushels in the world. Out of that, 14,586 million bushels are processed for various segments and only 1.7% (250 million bushels) is used for starch production. This indicates a huge availability of corn for the starch production.

The growth in the consumption of convenience foods and growing textile and paper industries has created a high demand for corn starch production across the globe. This has led to an increase in sales of corn starch around the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region.  The growing demand for corn starch in this region is due to the fact that maize starch and starch derivatives are cheaper and more applicative alternative to various chemical agents and sweeteners.

Recently, Meticulous Research published a comprehensive report on “Modified Starch Market – Global Forecast to 2022”. According to Meticulous Research estimates, the global modified starch market is projected to be valued at more than USD 14 billion by 2022.

The modified starch market study, published by Meticulous Research, can be accessed at: Modified Starch Market- Global Forecast To 2022


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