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Top 10 Companies in Cable Assembly Market

Cable assembly is a collection of wires and cables banded together in a single unit. It is used to connect various types of systems and equipment to carry out its desired operation in component and finished product manufacturing. These assemblies are majorly used in industries such as automotive, computers and peripherals, telecom/datacom, military/aerospace, industrial, consumer, […]

Top 10 companies in Aerospace and Defense Metal Stamping Market

The aerospace and defense metal stamping market is expected to reach $33.6 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 4.6% during the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.  Metal stamped components are the essential parts for the aerospace and defence industry. Aerospace vehicles require metal stamped components of all sizes ranging from airframes to nuts & bolts. […]

Top 10 companies In Collaborative Robot Market

A collaborative robot is defined as a robot specifically designed for interaction with a human within a defined and safeguarded workspace where the robot and a human can perform tasks simultaneously during automatic operation. Growth of collaborative robot market is mainly attributed to the factors such as advancements in human-machine interface to enhance industrial production, […]


Growth of the global automotive TIC market is mainly attributed to growing automobile production in emerging countries, strict regulatory standards, and increasing cases of vehicle recalls due to component failure. Furthermore, growing adoption of electric vehicles, increasing awareness among consumers regarding product quality and safety, and incorporation of technological advancements with rising adoption of connected […]

Top 10 Companies in Bakery Processing Equipment Market

The factors such as product innovation and healthier products & ingredients are fueling the market growth in these regions. Emerging markets such as Latin America, Middle/East Africa, and Asia also represents a great market potential as western lifestyles and eating habits continue to be adopted in these regions. As a result, the global bakery processing […]


The chemical family of methacrylate initially discovered during the 19thcentury was commercially manufactured in the first half of the 20th century. Versatile properties make methacrylate monomers the product of choice for a variety of applications. There are majorly two types of methacrylate: basic commodity methacrylates and application/specialty methacrylates. Specialty methacrylate is a salt or ester […]

Top 10 Companies in Food Robotics Market

From cooking-making to burger-flipping, many food and beverage businesses are beginning to discover the benefits of robots to improve their productivity.  As technology advances and AI becomes more accessible, as it is no wonder that robots for the food and beverage industry are becoming more commonplace. Restaurants and hotels can benefit from these robots, which […]

Top 10 Companies in Food Automation Market

Automated processes can work 24/7, which is clearly faster than human operators can perform. For this reason, increased efficiency and higher through-put rates are two of the biggest benefits of automation in the food and beverage industry. In addition to elevated efficiency, automation also allows companies to collect valuable data from the production Industry that […]


In today’s factories and shop floors, industrial automation is everywhere and it is difficult to imagine a production line without automation. Industrial automation uses control systems and automated equipment, such as computer software and robots, to perform tasks that were done manually. These systems operate industrial equipment automatically, significantly reducing the level of operator involvement […]


Automated material handling systems increase productivity, automate tasks, augment jobs, and create new ones. It ensures efficient conveyance of materials from one place to another in the manufacturing area or warehouses by eliminating the need for humans. It also helps to produce and ship product to customers faster, cheaper, and with increased quality. The steady […]