Adhesives Market Moving Ahead with the Rising Demand for Hot Melt Adhesives

adhesives market

Advanced hot melt adhesives are very cost effective, versatile and offers resistance to water and moisture. Owing to these advantages, their adoption in various industrial manufacturing and packaging is increasing. Hot-melt adhesives provide strong bonding within a few seconds after application and hence their fast setting time makes them a preferred choice in a number of applications including consumer goods, packaging, personal hygiene products, construction, bookbinding, labeling, tapes, and automotive.

In addition, hot melt adhesives have become user-friendly with a number of technological advancements registered in the recent past. These are user-friendly, easy to operate & maintain application machinery, and automated adhesive replenishment systems to reduce repetitive maintenance at a production site. Similarly, equipment suppliers have also introduced many systems & tools to significantly reduce the coat weight of hot-melt adhesives applied to each item, in order to reduce total adhesive consumption. This trend of achieving cost-effectiveness through reduced consumption of hot-melt adhesive application per coat is increasing their demand in various industries including packaging, labeling, and personal hygiene products.

Comparative Analysis: Hot melt adhesives Vs. Water based adhesives Vs. Solvent based adhesives

Parameter Hot Melt Adhesives Water Based Adhesives Solvent Based Adhesives
Speed High Low Low
Low VOC High High NA
Cost Effectiveness High Medium Low
Adhesion Medium Medium High

Note: Solvent based adhesives have high VOC so written NA (not applicable) for low VOC parameter. Source: Meticulous Research Analysis

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In addition, rising trend of consumer preference for low VOC based environment-friendly adhesives is also attributed to the growing demand for hot melt adhesives.

Thus, increasing demand for hot melt adhesives owing to above-mentioned benefits is expected to drive the growth of overall adhesives market in the near future. According to this latest publication from Meticulous Research™, the global adhesives market will grow at a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period to reach USD 53,503.0 million by 2022.

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