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Rising government initiatives and increasing funding for R&D activities to propel the adoption of high throughput screening

High Throughput Screening Market

The drug discovery and development process requires huge funding because of high production cost. Due to the availability of innovative approaches such as high throughput screening, the process of drug development has become less costly and requires less duration. The FDA plays an important role in innovation in the public health by investing   in biological […]

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Ceramic Restorations Fuelling the Growth of Dental Materials Market

Metal ceramics and ceramic materials are used to fabricate lifelike restorations. Their translucency and toothlike color and appearance contribute to highly esthetic restorations. Ceramic is a very hard and strong material capable of sustaining biting forces but, being a brittle glasslike material, can fracture when subjected to extreme forces or sharp impact. Because of the […]

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Increasing Focus on Bio-based Organic Acids A Stimulus for the Organic Acids Market

Organic Acids Market

The depletion of earth’s fossil energy resources, accompanied by the strong impact of their use on the environment, raises the demand for safe and efficient substitution to derive chemicals and chemical building blocks from renewable resources. Besides chemical manufacturing of renewable feedstock to valuable compounds, biotechnological processes provide more and more opportunities to produce fuels, […]

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