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Increasing preference to artificial casings by sausages manufactures to fuel the growth of artificial casings market

Artificial Casings Market

Casings are mostly used to make sausages as well as some other processed meats. Since decades, sausages have been stuffed into natural casings made from the intestines of animals, but now artificial casings are available in the market, due to a tremendous amount of recent innovation and new product development that has occurred in the […]

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Increasing Consumers’ Focus on Meat Analogue To Propel the Demand For Plant Based Protein

plant based protein market

The desire for clean labels, ease of digestion, the need or desire to avoid allergens, compatibility with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, and concerns about sustainability among the general population are putting the spotlight on plant proteins. Consumers now prefer plant based meat alternatives over animal protein, thereby fueling the growth of plant based protein market. […]

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Growing preference for plant based natural food ingredients influencing the global egg replacement ingredients market

The demand for protein is steadily increasing across the globe. According to the Food & Agricultural Organization (FAO), this demand is driven by the increase in income levels in developing countries. The FAO states that meat consumption would grow by 1.4% annually till 2024 while annual growth in poultry consumption would be around 2.0% during […]

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Growing cosmetics and personal care industry to drive the sorbitol market

Sorbitol Market

Sorbitol (E-420) also known as D-sorbitol, D-Glucitol or D-glucohexanehexol is derived by the catalytic hydrogenation of glucose and is available in both liquid and crystalline form. Commercially it is obtained by high-pressure hydrogenation of glucose solutions using a nickel catalyst. Sorbitol is about 60% as sweet as sucrose with less calories (2.6 kcal/g), which increased […]

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