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Transition from Animal Based Diagnosis to Cell Based Diagnosis Providing New Opportunities in the Cell Culture Market Globally

Cell Culture Market

Cell culture is an important tool in life science research for finding the cause and therapies for the various chronic diseases. According to the study done, it was found that the most common cause of the disease was abnormal metabolic pathways and signaling mechanisms which are very difficult to detect. The animal based diagnosis uses […]

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Rising government initiatives and increasing funding for R&D activities to propel the adoption of high throughput screening

High Throughput Screening Market

The drug discovery and development process requires huge funding because of high production cost. Due to the availability of innovative approaches such as high throughput screening, the process of drug development has become less costly and requires less duration. The FDA plays an important role in innovation in the public health by investing¬†¬† in biological […]

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Transition From FISH to Array Based Technique Open up New Possibilities in the Molecular Cytogenetics Market

Molecular cytogenetics market

Molecular cytogenetics plays an important role in diagnosis of various diseases. Based on the type of diseases, the diagnosis can be possible using various cytogenetic techniques such as Fluroscence In Situ Hybridization (FISH), In Situ Hybridization, Karyotyping, Banding Techniques, and others. The banding techniques have been used since past decades because of their easy accessibility […]

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