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Growing demand to improve productivity, and increasing production of low cost robots to accelerate the adoption of robotic systems in food industry

Food Robotics Market

The food and beverage industry is fast-changing than ever before in the past few decades. The food manufacturers have faced a continuous downturn in keeping up with changing markets and consumer demands. The tracking of the product lines as well as maintaining the food safety regulations had been defiance to the manufacturers. Thus, taking all […]

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Increasing crop losses due to biotic and non-biotic agents has resulted in growing usage of crop protection chemicals among the BRICS nations

BRICS Crop Protection Chemicals Market

Crop losses due to pests and diseases are a major threat not only to the global food security but for the incomes of rural families. Since the beginning of agricultural practice by a human being, there was a constant struggle to keep harmful pests out of the land. With the non-biotic causes of crop losses, […]

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